Portree Passivhaus

A new ultra low-energy self-build project on the Isle of Skye

Building a Passivhaus on Skye

Who Are We? Why Passivhaus?
And Why Skye?

We are Mike Coe and Lizzie Stoodley and this website will document the creation of our new home in Portree, which will be the first passivhaus dwelling on the Isle of Skye - if no one beats us to it. This isn't our first ever building project. We moved here from Worcestershire, where we built one of the UK's most energy-efficient homes, The Cropthorne Autonomous House . For a first build, and a highly experimental one at that, it was a great success. There were no 'Grand Designs' style disasters, the house performed very well and there was nothing we felt we could have done any better. It was a delightful house to live in. And yet, even though we said, many times, that we would never again want to put ourselves through all the stress, hard work and uncertainty that goes with building a house, here we are...

To find out what motivated us to move, and why building a passivhaus was the obvious choice, watch the Video Reports (see Latest Updates below) and take a look at the Design page. You'll be able to follow the build - almost in real-time - on the Live Webcam and we'll be posting updates as we go along on Twitter (see details below).

Latest Updates

Video Report 02: Welcome to Skye

In the second video report Mike shows you the Isle of Skye from his own unique perspective, and explains all about the site and what drew us to it. Plus, there's a full rundown on the design of the new house. But not everything in the garden is necessarily rosy...


Click here to view Video Report: 02


Portree Passivhaus

Artist's Impression of Portree Passivhaus

Preliminary Sketches

Artist's Impression of the House in Its Surroundings

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