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From individuals to multi-national corporations :-)
who was involved in designing, managing,
supplying and building The Cropthorne Autonomous House

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so omission from it or a lack of comments doesn't
imply disapproval, it probably means I haven't got round to it, or have forgotten.
Updated by Mike on 20-10-2012.

Name Role Contact Comments
Neill Lewis Architect 23 Kings Rd, Malvern Wells
WR14 4HL
01684 563356
It's fair to say the house wouldn't be the house it is without Neill's input.
Mike Neate, Eco Design & Construction Specialist environmental project management and building services
07872 527539

David Olivier Energy consultant
Essential input into achieving zero-heat 'beyond Passivhaus' design. David is, quite possibly, a genius.
Stuart Derbyshire Structural engineer Tymel, Parkfield Lane, Hallow, Worcester
01905 641244
Impressively cool and competent.
Steve Bowen Quantity surveyor Merchants House, High Street, Newtown, Powys, SY16 2NR
01686 625455
ACT Building Control Independent building control services - inspection and final sign-off. Westgate House,
The Island,
Westgate Street,
Tel: 01452 310880
Thorough but fair - a creditable alternative to local authority building control.

LeBrun Groundworks and Construction

and a great deal more.
St Catherines Barn, Manor Lane, Bredons Norton, GL20 7HB
01684 772935
07885 293791
Very conscientious and professional, nice people to have on site too. We're very happy that the key structural stages of the build were handled by them.
Definitely recommended.
Dreadnought Tiles Supply of plain clay roof tiles for house & garage. Hinton Perry & Davenhill Ltd.
Dreadnought Works
Brierley Hill
Tel: 01384 77405
Roof tiles are necessarily a high carbon product, but Dreadnought's tiles have an exceptionally long life, which offsets the embodied energy. Being a local company, and having their own quarry, reduced transport emissions. Plus the tiles make a significant contribution to the attractiveness of the completed house..
Green Building Store MVHR system design & supply. Also supplied Optiwin triple glazed windows to our special ultra high performance specification.
01484 461705
We've been very impressed with the Green Building Store.
First, Chris Herring's expertise in window design and collaboration with the energy consultant resulted in uniquely specified Optiwin windows but at a competitive price.
Second, by the ever helpful Andrew Farr who designed our MVHR system, dealt with any issues during installation and performed the final commissioning.
Kingsley Plastics (Kingsley Clivus) Chamber for composting toilet system. They don't generally make these any more, but if you ask Mike Turner nicely.....
Greenearth Energy Solar Photovoltaic System (but can also supply other renewables) Greenearth Energy Ltd.
Unit 1A,
Westwood Industrial Estate, Pontrilas, Hereford
Greenearth Energy have the distinction of being one of the few solar companies who we contacted that could be bothered to turn up and give us a quote. They were competitive though, and their service was very good as is the installed system.
Llani Solar Ltd. Solar hot water system – supply and installation
(but now also supply photovoltaic systems)
Unit 5d
Parc Derwen Fawr
SY18 6FE
We were looking for a solar water system which could extract the maximum heat from the sun even at marginal times of the year. The combination of Llani Solar's modelling software and expertise has delivered a system with impressive performance.
The Village Kitchen Company Design, construction and installation of fitted kitchen and utility room furniture. 3 Boat Lane
WR11 8RS
01386 761457
(The website is for their associated custom doors business).
Although not strictly an 'eco' specialist, we were impressed by Brett Pillinger's (of VKC) enthusiasm and willingness to provide what we wanted.
But we would also recommend the two other companies on our shortlist:
Precious Earth, of Knighton, Powys, and
Milestone Eco Design of Ilkley, who do interesting things with recycled plastics.
In the end the convenience of a good local company who could install as well as supply won the day.
Smile Plastics
(now Remarkable Smile)
Supply of recycled plastic kitchen worktops.

The Remarkable Factory
Midland Road
Worcester, WR5 1DS

01905769999 (technical)
Yes they really do turn used vending machine cups into plastic panels which can be used as kitchen worktops, and many other things too.

After living with the panels we can report that they're great, and a splendid way to re-use an otherwise waste material.
The Greenshop Supply of ecological paints and materials, from among others Auro and Naturepaint. The Greenshop
Cheltenham Road
Bisley, Stroud
Gloucestershire GL6 7BX
A bit of a curiosity in a way – a garage and petrol station, both still operating, have also grown into a major supplier of sustainable materials. They now offer a huge range of products including solar water and photovoltaic systems. We sourced our paints and other finishes from them, for which they were excellent. Bryan Rowe's in depth knowledge was genuinely helpful.
Naturepaint Ltd. Manufacturers of low environmental impact paints, as supplied to us by the Greenshop (above) but also available direct.

Naturepaint Ltd.
Unit 5
Marsh Lane Ind. Est.
0845 6 43 63 83
Doesn't it make perfect sense to only ship the dry components of paint as a powder, avoiding 60% of the transport weight, then add water on site? Doesn't it make sense to use only non-toxic ingredients, including natural vegetable pigments? And doesn't it also make sense to package it all in cardboard and paper, which can then be fully recycled?
Well we think so, and so do Naturepaint, because that's exactly how they make and supply their paints.
Lightmaster Direct Lighting system design, and supply of fittings.

Lightmaster Direct Ltd.
Blackwell Business Park
CV36 4PE
01608 682 115
Low energy lighting is still evolving and Lightmaster's specialist knowledge of which products work, and which don't, was well worth having. I was worried the design fee made this an avoidable indulgence, but now the lighting is installed the house looks better than I would have managed on my own, and has very low energy consumption. Lightmaster's service also comes with much useful advice, and they can also (although they don't insist!) sell you the light fittings, on which they are competitive. So worth it, yes.
Tiles of Stow Supply of terracotta floor tiles throughout the house.

Tiles of Stow Ltd.
Langston Priory Workshops
Station Road
01608 658993
Very helpful and knowledgable. Sebastian's enthusiasm for the project may have been even greater than ours(!).
He also worked hard to deliver what we wanted at the best possible price.
Andy Martin, AJM Electrical Services Electrical system inspection, testing and certification for building regulations. Andy's knowledge and experience was invaluable, in that he was able to understand the thinking behind our unorthodox electrical installation, designed to minimise energy use. He loves a challenge like this, was very helpful, and his fee was reasonable.
Peter and Matt Wallin Landscaping and garden clearance & preparation Cropthorne and Pershore
Peter: 01386 860334
Matt: 07913 051959
Once you have met Peter Wallin you never forget it.
Rehau Ltd Manufacturers of (among other things) Awadukt - the antibacterial heat-transfer pipework system used in our MVHR ground tube. Available through major builders merchants. For advice, Steve Richmond at Rehau UK is very helpful.
Ancon Building Products Manufacturer of Masonry Support and Restraint Fixings President Way, President Park,
Sheffield S4 7UR ..
Tel: +44 (0)114 275 5224
Fax: +44 (0)114 276 8543
Supplier of TeploTies –
BBA-approved low thermal conductivity wall ties.
Tony Hall
Castle Hill Pottery
Hand-thrown kiln-glazed straight-through pedestals for composting toilet system, based on giant garden rhubarb forcers. After considerable difficulty trying to source suitable pedestals for the composting toilet system, Tony Hall was recommended to us. The hand thrown pedestals he produced in his workshop in Wales are beautiful works of art, as well as being perfect for the purpose.
Jackie Harris Glass Design and construction of bespoke stained glass panels using recycled wine bottle glass.
01684 566693
Although not vital for the function of the house, Jackie's recycled stained-glass panels are one small indulgence which are a constant delight.
The Sustainable Building Association
A network of individuals and companies with the common aim of promoting sustainable building. It brings together builders, architects, designers, manufacturers, housing associations, local authorities and private individuals. If you're seriously thinking about low energy building, joining the AECB is an excellent move. Genuinely independent, the wealth of knowledge and expertise among its members is invaluable. Although some large companies are among its members, smaller organisations and private individuals are equally welcome. The support and access to knowledge which the AECB can bring to self builders is extremely valuable.

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