Feb-April 2008

Further clearing and hedge and tree planting.

Time for a brief pause as Mike's former student chums visit for the weekend. (Sorry Nick this one's the funniest)

To speed up the clearance, Mike steps in as dumper driver...

...a role he takes very seriously.

Matt and Mike turn their attention to a dead conifer at the bottom of the plot.

The tree had grown around an old irrigation pipe, so Matt has to use a chainsaw to cut it out.

Peter Wallin takes charge on tree planting day.

Mike lends a hand once again, digging holes for the trees - only 29 more to go...

Luckily, he has help from Matt - and his dog, Diesel!

Lizzie helps fill the holes back in after planting.

As well as the trees, we've planted over 800 mixed hedging plants to define the boundaries of the plot.

Lizzie wraps each plant in an 'anti bunny tube' to guard against unwanted nibbling.

Mike tries out the newly reopened footpath that runs across the bottom of our land.