April-June 2009

Poised to Start

Project Manager Mike Neate of Eco Design & Construction moved to the site late in May, and in June we all
got together to work on the first practical job - building a composting toilet for the site workforce....

Mike's trusty companion and honorary site manager, Max, was on hand to keep us on our toes.

First, there were holes to be dug.....

....nails to be nailed.....

.....and instructions to be given.

Max checks the quality of the rubble which Mike's putting in the soakaway.

The two Mikes inspect the new on-site facilities.

Over the 2½ years we've been coming here, the site has been constantly surprising us - a fantastic display
of chamomile flowers and poppies has recently appeared on the disturbed soil

In a way it's sad that they won't be around much longer......

......this area of wild flowers, thistles and grasses is about to be flattened by the bulldozers.

So, farewell poppies.

Within days this open piece of land, with which we've become so familiar, will be a building site,
and will change rapidly and very dramatically, and in our lifetimes will never look quite like this again....