The Cropthorne Autonomous House

A hastily assembled page of images from Christmas 2006,
as we buy our building plot at Cropthorne, and the journey begins...

It's ours!! We've just exchanged contracts - one of us looks happy, the other one looks worried.
Bredon Hill is in the background, our not-very-eco-friendly car on the left.

The view from the bottom looking north towards the road - the plot is a little over an acre, and slopes gently down into the
valley behind. Outline planning permission is for the top left corner only, but at 15x15m should be fine for a decent-sized house.

The plot is bordered on one side by a large field - this is the view to the south-east.

So far all we've done is buy the land, but Mike's already exhausted......

Meanwhile Lizzie heads for the nearest exit. This public footpath actually runs across the bottom of the plot.

It's a beautiful area though.....

......and here is where building will eventually begin, on the site of a former house, which was demolished following a fire.

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